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the dreamcatcher Ok, so you have you just gone out and on a whim bought yourself a new or used sailboat because you thought sailing and boating looked to be fun and enticing. Or maybe you thought boating and sailing would be a way to bring the family together, or meet that new mate in life.

Have You just realized you know nothing about sailing and want to take Sailing Lessons?

Have You just realized you need some personalized assistance learning that new boat you just bought?

Perhaps You think you may want to learn how to sail, but before that you just want to take a Sailing Charter and see what it is like to ride on a sailboat.

riding the bow

Are you new to sailing and boating in general and need instructions in Boating and Boating Safety, then the Boating Safety porthole will connect you to individual State requirements.

Perhaps you know something about being on the water but you feel you need to increase your knowledge of navigation and chart reading skills.

image If so, then you may want to look at the view through the Porthole to Navigation and getting around over the water.

Maybe you need to find out what rules there are for operating a vessel while on the water??


The Porthole to Boating Safety will povide you links to individual States rules as well as Federal waterway rules.

These and the other Portholes on the Porthole Menu provide information and sources of related information on topics which may influence your boating pleasure or increase your boating knowledge.

If your answers to any any of these questions is YES!! then MainSail Charters & Research, LLC can help you on these and many other needs or desires related to that desire to sail. By just coming to the MainSail Charters & Research, LLC website,, You have just clicked your way through the internet to the right place to find some answers to these quandaries and some other subjects you may be curious about.

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If your answer to this question is "Yes", then check out MainSail Charter's other website at: is for the eclectic minded individual with a broad horizon of interest, providing portholes to a variety of information sources to provide you a means to learn more.

At, you can find access to a variety of different topics including Geology or Weather here on Earth or Weather Out of this World. Or, maybe you just need to find something Made in America. is just the site to go to for these items as well as other bits of information.

If you have ever run aground or hit a reef, the portholes to Navigation and to theWorld of Geology may help you determine why you ran aground and what it was you hit.