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The Astronomical Almanac Online

A joint publication of the U. S. Nautical Almanac Office, United States Naval Observatory (USNO), in the United States and Her Majesty's Nautical Almanac Office (HMNAO), United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO), in the United Kingdom. The printed version contains precise ephemerides of the Sun, Moon, planets, and satellites, data for eclipses and other astronomical phenomena for a given year, and serves as a world-wide standard for such information. The online version extends the printed version by providing data best presented in machine-readable form.


Starboardbeam.com Chandlery

New links to the other boating gear you may need for whatever you are doing.

Beaver Bay Agate Shop & Jewelry - The place togo when sailing on Lake Superior to get the best Lake Superior Agates and jewelry.

SEE: Navigation Porthole

Sailor's Information Center - Formerly the Sailor's Communcation Center Porthole

United Kingdom Hydrographic Office - The British have been on the Ocean a long time. Check out some of the knowledge of the sea they have acquired.

SEE: Navigation Porthole


U.S. Naval Observatory - Astronomical Applications

SEE: Navigation Porthole

World Time Zone Map - Did your watch break and you need to know what time it is where you are now finding yoursel???  Well, check out the U.S. Naval Observatory for a map of the World's Time Zones.


Out Island Inter.Net - An Island Guide to the Internet.


TownDock - Your local hometown News and Views from Oriental, North Carolina.


Marine Traffic.com - Find those large ships before they find you. Provides information on shipping traffic throughout the world.


Cruiser's Net - for Cruisers helping Cruisers

  Corals and Coral Reefs See: Critters in the Sea Porthole
  Changes in Magnetic Declination over Time SEE: Navigation Porthole
  Myway -Science in the News  
  Storm Pulse - Provides information on storms and strom trqacks for both the Atlantic and the Pacific SEE: Weather 2 Porthole
  NASA Eclipse Web Site - Excellant past, current and future information on lunar and solar eclipses  
  Magnetic Declination - A link to NOAA's webpage for computing the magnetic declination in any local area. SEE: Navigation Porthole
  Marine Geology and Geophysics -A link to NOAA's webpage for information on marine Geology and marine geophysics. SEE: World of Geology Porthole
  Space Weather - A link to NOAA's webpage for space weather information from the NOAA National Geophysical Data Center SEE: Out-of-This-World-Weather Porthole

Bathymetry and Global Relief - A link to NOAA's webpage on seafloor relief.

SEE: World of Geology Porthole
  Paleogeographic Maps of North America SEE: World of Geology Porthole
  SEE: World of Geology Porthole
  North American Sailor - This site is for, as they say or the "Nautically Obsessed" SEE: Sailors Information Center Porthole
  Potomac River Charters See Washington D.C. aboard the 59 foot Bluewater Yacht Potomac Belle SEE: Sailing Charters Porthole
  Survival Topics - Online information regarding survival. More than just the end of the world survival. SEE: Boating Safety Porthole
  IPod/IPhone Applications for Boaters & Sailors - Mad Mariner Website SEE: Navigation Porthole
  National Lightning Safety Institute - Lightning- Glossary of Terms and Information SEE: Weather2/Weather Thunder and Lightning Porthole
  Online Education Resources: Geology For Kids - Provided by a now 6th grader soon to be a future Geologis SEE: World of Geology Porthole
NEW: Oceanography NEW!! Matthias Tomczak's Oceanography Web Site - Contains lectures and presentations on Oceanography from Flinders University of South Australia SEE: Oceanography Porthole
  NOAA - Paleoclimatology Information on climate in the U.S. prior to recording of information. Real science at work SEE: Weather 2 Porthole/More Weather Information Pages
  Global Observing Systems Information Center -The GOSIC Portal provides convenient, central, one-stop access to data and information identified by the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS), the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) and the Global Terrestrial Observing System (GTOS) and their partner programs, such as the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) and regional observing systems, such as the GOOS Regional Alliances (GRA). SEE: Weather 2 Porthole/NOAA Popular Weather Web Sites
  NOAA - Paleoclimatology Information on climate in the U.S. prior to recording of information. Real science at work SEE: Weather 2 Porthole/NOAA and NWS Links & NOAA Popular Web sites.
  NOAA -National Severe Storms Laboratory - Historical Weather Data Archives - provides online access to historical weather data archives including surface and upper-air data SEE: Weather 2 Porthole/NOAA Popular Weather Web Sites







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