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the dreamcatcherThe Seas are full of a variety of life. Check out the information in the Portholes below where you will find links to a variety of "Critters of the Seas". Check these links to increase your knowledge about those life forms moving through the waters below the hull of your boat. Some knowledge may lead you to give up swimming or take up a new food delicacy. Who knows??.


Some Jelly Fish Related Sites

Sea Nettles and Jelly Fish of the Chesapeake Bay - A NOAA Site providing real time distribution of Sea Nettles in the Chesapeake Bay

Jellyfish in the Chesaepeake Bay and Nearby Waters - Prepared by University of Maryland System Center for Environmental and Estuarine Studies

Ghostly Nettles Haunt Bay - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Chesapeake Bay Field Office in Annapolis

Jellyfish Facts - On-line site for a lot of facts about Jellyfish including facts on how to raise your own Jellyfish and Kids/Beginners Guide on how to do it.


Artificial Coral Reefs - Pros & Cons - National Coral Reef Institute
National Coral Reef Institute - Home Page
U. S. Department of the Navy - Coral Reef Program
Canadian Museum of Natural History - Prehistoric Coral Reefs
Coral Reefs Formation - Video depiction of the formation of coral reefs.
United States Geologic Survey - Pacific Coral Reefs Web Site
Charles Darwin on Coral Reefs - Geology of the Voyage of the Beagle
Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) - Provides users with search capabilities access to marine species datasets from all of the World's oceans. Good Information source.
Coral Reef Destruction and Conservation: Outlines how coral reefs are being destroyed and what can be done to protect them.
Ecosystems and Biodiversity: Describes various underwater ecosystems, including coral reefs.



Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) - allows users to search marine species datasets from all of the world's oceans Marine Biodiversity Index: Tons of research and information on ocean species and biodiversity.






Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation: UC San Diego's center for promoting biodiversity in our oceans.
Deep-Sea Biodiversity and the Impacts of Ocean Dumping: Explains how pollution upsets the delicate biodiversity balance by the New York Bight.
Overfishing - A Threat to Marine Biodiversity: Explains how overfishing certain species of fish can negatively impact biodiversity
Ecosystems and Biodiversity: Describes various underwater ecosystems, including coral reefs.
Marine Biodiversity Index: Tons of research and information on ocean species and biodiversity
Biodiversity Sculpture Base: Outlines a variety of marine life found under the ocean.
Global Ocean Biodiversity Initiative: Organization dedicated to promoting biodiversity across the planet

Threatened and Endangered Species Information


Ocean Habitats where Sea Critters live

Ocean Habitats: Extensive desription of common ocean habitats including beaches, estuaries, and coral reefs.
Tour of Ocean Habitats: Great visual exploration of various marine habitats
Learn About Ocean Habitats: Information on the many different habitats, specifically for kids
National Geographic - The Ocean: Tons of information on ocean life and habitat.
Secrets of the Ocean Realm: Explores the creatures and habitats that make up the ocean
Life in the Ocean: Details four of the main habitats in detail.
More Ocean Habitats: Information on estuaries, reefs, atolls, and the ocean floor.



These critters were found following the 2011 tsunami in Southeast Asia. These various species are deep sea creatures that live too deep to be studied are being found scattered throughout the wreckage.  These creatures were washed up on shore when the waves hit.