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for when your stuck aground in the shallows or on a sandbar when the tides ran out or have nothing to do at anchor

So, you find yourself stuck on a sandbar that you had not seen because you did not go to the Starboardbeam.com pages on geology and navigation. So there you are, sitting stuck on the bottom while other boats sail on by; just bottomed out there waiting for the tide to rise to float you away or the towboat to come and pull you off and you have nothing to do. The portholes below will provide you links to a variety of on-line games involving sailing, pirates and racing.


MIT On-Line Education Sailing OpenCourseWare: A Free Online Introduction to Sailing Course by MIT On-Line Sailing Games: SailGames.com The Largest Collection of Free Online Sailing Games on the Internet.
Captain Chaos - Racing and choas in the deep blue sea. Sail Simulator - Great Graphics almost makes you feel you are on the water and in the wind.
Pirates of the Burnign Sea - 14 day Free trial period. Dogs of the Sea - Multi player on-line game. Provides good information on previous pirates and pirate movies.
Virtual Sailor - Provides a test demo before purchasing. 21st Century Sailing - Climb aboard a sailboat and take the helm for a realistic adventure in sailing.
Brave Pirate - A thrilling game about pirate's adventures Black Sails - Capture ships and towns in the Carribean